Saturday, December 1, 2007

Poll Review #3

What format do you prefer the most?
singles (1v1) - 20 votes
doubles (2v2) - 8 votes
crew battles (various) - 3 votes

Hmmm... I think the results speak for themselves. Singles is clearly the most popular event amongst my readers. I plan on doing an article in the near future on how doubles offers a unique experience. Many players prefer singles as a result of how hard it is to maintain a loyal teammate (myself included). Doubles requires that two people practice together so that they learn how to play off each other. Crew battles, on the other hand, are not too popular yet. Two other people besides me voted for it. XD

1 comment:

Johnknight1 said...

I like doubles, but I think really the fact that a lot of people don't like doubles is the coordinance is so hard, and they can't find someone at their skill level to team with them.

For example, I like watching teams more, but I'd need a good partner to team with, and I'm not the best at coordinance. Teams is pretty much a completely diffrent game from 1v1, so that is why many people don't play or prefer it (I think).